Monday, May 16, 2011

Almay's Smart Shade Cosmetics

And now, I bring you the amazing properties of Almay's line of Smart Shade cosmetics.  Behold!  Out of the tube, the product is a weird grey color, but don't be misled.  Once you apply it, the foundation or concealer magically transforms to your ideal shade of makeup!  It sounds ridiculous but it is for real.  I have no idea how it works, I just know that it really, really does.  I used both the concealer and foundation recently at a bridal photoshoot where I worked as a makeup artist and it looked good on a variety of skin tones.

While both products are great, I was more impressed with the concealer.  The foundation offers minimal coverage, a little heavier than a tinted moisturizer.  The concealer gave great coverage on every facial woe, from redness and discolorations to acne scars and dark circles.  If you're torn between puchasing the two, I'd recommend the concealer.

In doing a bit of online research, I also discovered there is a Smart Shade blush version!  I immediately picked up a tube and was completely amazed at the gorgeous, natural looking rosy tint it gave my cheeks.  This is probably now one of my favorite products of all time.   

The key to application is blending.  You have absolutely got to blend this product effectively or risk unattractive streaks (pay really close attention to the edges, like around your hairline and jawline).  The biggest complaint I've heard about the foundation was the potential for orange hues, particularly from a friend who has freckles.  No complaints about the concealer or blush.  They're pretty much perfect.


  1. thanks for the tips! i never get it right! haha

  2. I tried the foundation not too long ago and found thay it made my uber pale skin a shade of VERY unflattering orange. I returned the product. I think I'll stick with my covergirl naturals foundation from now on.