Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Premiere Birmingham Beauty Expo

Sunday I had the opportunity to attend Premiere Birmingham, an enormous hair and beauty expo with vendors and stylists from all over the United States.  It was HEAVEN!  There were two whole floors of booths and workshops; it was so overwhelming and incredible.  I got to meet and network with so many fantastic, encouraging people AND stock up on some great beauty products!

Some of the bigger companies were doing demos on hair models and attendees while selling their products. One even had a red carpet, stage, and catwalk!  There were several spray tanning booths, too.  People were having glitter eyeliner applied, jewels and feathers put in their hair, and even getting body wraps!

Checking out the tools & information

I even got my hair styled by a gorgeous woman at ProFashion! She used a titanium straightener to curl my hair and the curls actually STAYED! Regular readers will surely remember how many times I've mentioned that my hair never, ever holds curl. But the ProFashion iron miraculously worked! Even after I slept on my hair the curls are still there, without hairspray or any kind of product. I'm truly amazed! My stepmom bought one for me AND for her salon. I can't wait to start experimenting, I've never owned a straightener before.

The main focus was on hair styling, products, and salons, but there were also plenty of makeup, skincare, and nail art vendors.  False eyelashes were a dollar and glittery mineral makeup was everywhere!   I got to try out some cool silver glitter and black leopard print nail stickers and picked up an incredible concealer palette that will be perfect for my makeup artist gigs.  I also chose a color refresher, some spray-in products to test, a high-end dry shampoo, and a luxe all-in-one miracle cream.  These will be getting their own posts soon!

Total exhaustion & unflattering picture at the end of the day but I still have CURLS!
The Premiere Birmingham Beauty Expo was better than anything I could have imagined!  I was blown away by all the incredible contacts I made and the fantastic products on display.  I can't wait to attend another hair/beauty show!  If you ever get the chance, definitely GO!  I loved every second of my experience.


  1. my grandmother has a salon and i used to LOVE to go to hair/makeup shows with her as a kid. i didn't cut my hair until i was 15, so they loved to try out products on it.

  2. Oh wow! What made you finally decide to cut it?

  3. that is not an unflattering picture at all! you look great...and i'm jealous that your hair can hold curl, mine would be flat in five minutes!

  4. Aww thank you! But my hair NEVER EVER holds curl, that's why I was so amazed with this flat iron! Mine usually falls flat in five minutes even with industrial hairspray, but these curls stayed for two whole days! Too bad I can't figure out how to curl it myself :-/

  5. My niece was there! She is in cosmetology school in Florence. She had a great time too.

    Your hair is beautiful. :-) I can't wait for my niece to learn more so she can do my hair. She's just now starting to learn.