Monday, September 12, 2011

Exude Lipstick

It's safe to say that although I've tried nearly every sort of lipstick available these days, I've never tried one like Exude.  Everything about it from the formula to the applicator is a brand new innovation.  Rather than a traditional molded lipstick, Exude is a cream-liquid hybrid formula encased in a plastic tube applicator that resembles a classic lipstick.  This means no more melted lipsticks, no more messy breakages, and the angled tip never wears down!

There was a bit of a learning curve to use it, though.  At first I couldn't figure out which way to twist the tube to make the lipstick come out of the applicator.  And the formula took a little getting used to; it's way more glossy than what I normally wear, and it can get a little smeary if you apply too much.  But...

Once I overcame these minor hurdles (it didn't take long!), I fell in love with Exude.  It's available in nine different shades, but of course I tried Red, and I adore the color.  It's a perfect true red that flatters almost any skintone, and it's slightly mint flavored!  The color payoff is amazing.  And the glossiness is a great change that will be especially appreciated when lips start chapping this winter.  The white tube packaging is another elegant plus.  If you're a fan of lip gloss, definitely try this!  If you love lipstick, try it too!  It's become one of my go-to lipsticks for sure.

Full disclosure: Although this lipstick was sent to me gratis by Exude's very nice PR department, the opinions are, of course, my own.  And I'd never recommend a product I wouldn't pay for myself.


  1. interesting, I've never heard of this before and must say I am curious and also slightly... puzzled as to how it works. Is it basically a lipgloss but in a lipstick shaped tube? how sheer is it when worn?

  2. The formula is more creamy and not sticky at all like lip gloss. It's not as sheer as lip gloss, either; there's definitely COLOR on your lips! It's more like a high-shine liquid lipstick. I've never tried anything like it before, so I'm kind of at a loss to fully explain it! I hope this helps, though. Bottom line is, I love it.