Monday, September 19, 2011

Juice Beauty Full Strength Green Apple Peel

I first wrote about Juice Beauty's Full Strength Green Apple Peel back in April, when I received it as a sample in my first Birchbox.  Back then, I wasn't blown away.  This had absolutely no effect on my skin whatsoever; I tucked it away in my "sample drawer" (yes, I seriously have one) and forgot about it.  Fast forward to last weekend, when I was home sick Saturday and my skin was going crazy.  I came across the Green Apple Peel again and figured with my Nyquil-induced reasoning, "What the hell, I may as well try this again.  Can't hurt, might help, right?"

I immediately applied a thick layer over my face and hung out watching Factory Girl for the next ten minutes, then rinsed it off.  Although the packaging warns that you may experience tingling or redness with the peel, it miraculously had no such effect on my super sensitive, prone-to-redness skin.  It felt a little warm, but that's all.  Because of this, I didn't expect much. 

When I woke up the next morning, though, my skin was SMOOTH and GLOWING in a way that it almost never does, especially when I'm suffering a nasty cold.  My opinion of the Green Apple Peel has changed entirely for the better.  If you're looking for a great organic skincare line, Juice Beauty is fantastic and gives great clinical results like no other natural products I've tried.


  1. It's $45 for 2 oz. What I'd love to have is the full size green apple moisturizer, but it's even more $$$