Monday, November 21, 2011

Zap Dull Skin For Good!

Winter is my favorite season by far, but beauty and skincare routines can require a little tweaking this time of year.  Indoor heating systems can deplete your skin of moisture, making it appear dull, dry, and sallow.  Luckily, there are lovely products to combat these effects and leave your complexion luminous!  Think luster, like pearls, rather than sparkly diamonds for your face.  You want glow rather than glitter! 

Kate Somerville's Exfolikate is, without a doubt, the creme de la creme of exfoliators everywhere.  It employs fruit enzymes to really get skin glowing and even out your complexion.  Getting rid of your skin's dry, dead cells truly makes a difference, and a tube lasts forever.  

A moisturizer that contains brightening properties will keep your face hydrated and glowing.  I swear by oxygen creams, and this one by Bliss also contains vitamin C to give skin an extra brightening boost.  

In addition to keeping your makeup smooth and in place, primers can also multitask like mattify or brighten your complexion.  I like Urban Decay's Brightening Complexion Potion; Benefit also makes a great many luminizing primers, like Girl Meets Pearl.

Tarte's Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum is like magic in a bottle.  It looks especially great when you apply a thin layer over your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin right before you put on the rest of your makeup.  I like to mix a a drop or two right in with my foundation, or even just wear it alone (it's juuust tinted enough!)  This will literally transform your entire complexion and make it look like your skin is magically lit from within. 

Start squeezing fresh lemon juice into your water and sip all day.  This will work wonders for your skin more than anything else.  Drinking lemon water has an incredible variety of health benefits, and a lovely glowing complexion is one of the many.  Try to use fresh lemons when you can, but if that's inconvenient there are little powder packets called True Lemon that you sprinkle into your water like sugar packets!  It tastes exactly the same, and you're still getting the benefits of lemon.  If you insist on drinking Coke, well, lemon is really delicious in that, too!

Are there any other luminizing tricks you use to get your skin glowing?

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  1. I need to get back into drinking lemon water like I used to. sugar is a great exfoliator/skin brightener, too