Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Accidental Foray into Faux Tanning

I swore I'd never do it.  As Jersey Shore reminds us all, faux tanning can take a bad turn into orange and tacky territory much too quickly.  I've heard way too many horror stories about unattractive streaks, foul-smelling formulas, and faux tans that washed off almost immediately.  I've always been content without a tan and embraced my own natural paleness.  And then...

God only knows what possessed me to grab a can of Sephora brand faux tanning mist off the shelf and impulsively spray my leg one night.  Chalk it up to boredom and curiosity, I suppose.  Initially, nothing happened.  My leg looked slightly darker, but it wasn't noticeable by any stretch of the word.

I had forgotten about it until the next afternoon when I finally noticed that one leg was pale while the other was indeed very, very tan.  And strangers had noticed it too, if the odd looks I got in the doctor's office waiting room were any indication.  To my surprise, the tan actually looked good.  Without even meaning to, I had spray-tanned my leg evenly and effectively.  Even after a long hot bubble bath, numerous showers, and active attempts to fade the color, it still remained.

In short: the product in this little can is idiot proof, even to the most inexperienced spray tan novice you'll ever meet.  It gives flawless, even color that will actually last and look natural.  It's worth every penny. 

Do you use faux tanning products?  Got any great results (or horror!) stories you'd like to share?


  1. hahaha, the title of this post is hilarious, it sounds like a david foster wallace story.
    Ironically, I tan very easily and was very dark as a child (many seaside summers). As a teen it became my goal to be as fair as possible and since then I've avoided the sun like the plague but now I am missing my deep olive complexion... and I was planning a Jerseylicious makeover so maybe I should get this...

  2. That's some very high praise! I'm flattered, thank you!

    Weirdly enough, I also tan easily. I could probably get a lovely natural tan if I wanted to sit out in the sun, but really, who does anymore? I avoid the sun as much as possible, too.

    Ohhh please do it & post the pictures! I gotta see this. Make sure you have BIG HAIR!

  3. Ha, let's be honest, we've all been there before with a TERRIBLE fake tan job. Maybe that's just me...ha. Anyway, this is one of my favorite products out there. It's easy to use and the tan does look remarkably great. Plus, the smell isn't too bad either.

    I am actually using the Victoria Secret Tanning line and loving it. I highly recommend them