Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Best Rose Scented Goodies

Roses aren't my favorite flower (that would be tulips), but for a while now I've been obsessed with anything that smells like the gorgeous blossoms.  This current obsession has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but the timing is definitely appropriate!  Here are some of the best rose-scented goods I could get my hands on.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment, $22.50:  The cult favorite lip balm with a beautiful rose tint.  Read my glowing review of the balm here.
Le Labo Rose 31, $145: Originally formulated for men, this fragrance smells just as amazing on the ladies.  Get a sample yourself from LuckyScent!
Korres Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum, $41: Nothing could ever possibly replace Elizabeth Dehn's now discontinued signature rose-scented serum, but I'll grudgingly settle for this version by Korres once I run out.  It smells like roses, too.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil, $25: Incredible moisture for dry winter skin, either after a shower or poured directly in your bath
Love & Beauty Rose Extract Make-up Cleansing Tissues, $2.80: Thirty cloths for under $3? This is one of the best bargains I've ever found!  It removes makeup just as well as more expensive versions and smells lovely, in addition to calming skin.

Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, $33: Lush does it best when it comes to bath products.  It's expensive but gives you the softest skin you'll ever have.  And you (and your bathroom!) will smell like roses long after the water has drained.  I wish I could bathe in this stuff!
Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume Roll-on, $12: The best portable rose scent.  Soft and simple.  I just wish it lasted longer.
Demeter Pruning Shears Perfume, $10: I looove the edgy metallic element to this otherwise traditional rose scent.

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon, $6: Just half of this bubble bar is enough to fill up your tub with a mountain of glorious rose scented bubbles.  Relax in fragrance while your skin softens to perfection.


  1. that's cute tulips are your favorite, they're my mom's too.

    Rose fragrance is something I've only started liking the past couple years-- as a kid the smell/taste of the rose water my family made deserts with would almost make me gag. Now I really appreciate it as a classic, rich smell in light doses. I might try those makeup-wipes, so fancy!

    1. Ahhh I don't think I've ever had anything with rose water to my knowledge but I spent an hour looking up rose water recipes today! My dad had a rose garden in our backyard when I was growing up, it was heaven! It fascinates me that all these fragrances have rose elements to them, yet all smell entirely different. I love that. And I should have mentioned that I found the wipes at Forever 21!

  2. I'm a tulip fan too!
    Thanks for guesting, you sweet amazing lady!

  3. Ooooo, thanks so much for sharing. My favorite flower is the daisy but the scent of a daisy is really not that nice. I'm going to check some of these out for sure!


  4. Did you ever get your January glam box?
    I'm using the NYX roll on glitter shadow as a nail polish instead, so just an idea.
    I swear everyone but me has a better birchbox. Shucks.

    1. Yes I got it! And that's a really clever idea, how do you do it?

  5. Laura, if you ever want to just have something smell like roses...or yourself, you should check the DreamMaker store in Huntsville. They have a rose essential oil. Hubby bought some for me the first year we were together and you can't even tell I've used it. It takes very little. I put a little on my neck and smell like a real rose for the whole day. It stays on my clothes, too. :D Of course, I'm sure your rose scented adventures have led you to great things! It's hard to find rose products I like. Some smell too generic or not like roses at all! Enjoyed reading this though.